Sunday, March 1, 2015

Guest Post: Queen Roxie, the Spoiled Pittie Pup

Hey all. Amanda had to chase after the 2 year old human because of something called a "sharpie" on the "rug". I'm not sure what it's all about, except that it seems to involve that spray stuff she uses when there is a mess on the floor and I don't like the smell. It makes me sneeze; sneezing confuses me. While she's busy, I took advantage of her open and logged-in laptop to let you know something.

I think my humans have a problem. They are always asking me to do things. I have to sit before I get my leash on and once I come back in from a walk before I get my leash off. I have to drop the ball before they throw it again and I have to wait for the little human to be out of the way before I can run after the ball. When it's time for food, they ask me to sit and sometimes ask me to shake or high five or place before I can eat. Sometimes they mix it up with new things to keep me on my toes, do you think I look like I need to be on my toes more?

I'm telling you this because I am worried about my people. I think they have something called Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors with me. Like they think I can't eat without sitting and waiting first?! Believe me, I can. I mean I eat a little more slowly when they make me sit first, but what does that matter? Lately, we haven't gone on walks or runs as much because there's lots of that cold, kinda wet stuff on the ground. They call it "snow". I don't mind that snow stuff, but after a little bit my toes get cold and I'm ready to go back inside, so I'm ok with not getting as many walks lately. I think they are getting worse with the obsessive-compulsive mess since we are stuck inside more. The lady-human has been spending more time teaching me new things and having me show her that I remember stuff she has taught me before. She calls these things "cues" or "behaviors". I really don't care what they are called, as long as I can figure them out and get a treat or a game of tug when I'm done. The little 2 year old human likes to help feed me dinner, and even he asks me to sit and wait, and the same for when he tosses the tennis ball down the hall or up the stairs for me to chase. Isn't it unhealthy for a little one to have this OCD stuff? The tall guy human likes to wrestle and play tug, then in the middle of it all he stops and asks me to settle. He can't even play for 10 minutes without this disorder popping up. The other day I really got them confused though. They have had a lot of "work" lately, which means they leave for a while and then come back smelling different. The lady always comes back from work smelling like a dog- sometimes 4 or 5 different ones! I don't get why she never asks me to come with her, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, the other day they didn't leave me one of my food toys to chase around and were gone for a long time (later, they said something about "a whole 4 hours"). I got bored and tried something I haven't done for a while- I jumped up to look at the counter and saw something really fun- one of the little boy's food toys (which are always way easier than mine, by the way) filled with all kinds of snacks. It was a little tough to get the lid off, but a little chewing loosened it and I had a small feast. Then I took a nap until they got home. The next day, their OCD picked up more. The lady started a couple of new training games and said something about ordering new interactive toys.

I think the lady is almost done with the sharpie and the rug, so I'll get to the point- I think they need help, and if any of you have experienced the same OCD problems with your people let me know how you resolved it. I really want to get them the help they need before it's too late and they are completely consumed by it.


  1. I love when people talk for their animals. Believe it or not, our Maggie and Penny had sassy mouths! So far Cheesecake hasn't picked up that nonsense! :-D

  2. Joanne,
    Roxie is definitely sassy!! Just give Cheesecake time, I'm sure Penny will teach her ;)