Our goal at Smart Pups is to educate and enable dogs and their humans to be the best they can together. By using positive reinforcement techniques that encourage learning, strengthening the human-canine bond and never using force, you can be sure you and your dog will both succeed! Offering a full range of services including group classes, private lessons, and behavioral consultations, Smart Pups can certainly help you and your dog.

The Trainer:

Amanda attended Delaware Valley College and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, with a minor in Animal Biotechnology and Conservation. Amanda began working as a veterinary technician during high school and has worked in both emergency and general practice clinics. During her 7 years as a vet tech, she noticed a resounding similarity between the different clinics and patients that she saw- many dogs and owners are confused by the mixed signals that we give and receive.
Recalling equine behavior classes from college, Amanda began researching animal behavior and dog training to gain a better understanding of canine development and communication, as well as the differences in human and canine communication. Amanda graduated from Animal Behavior College and completed an 8 month externship during which she assisted in and taught weekly obedience and agility classes and observed weekly private lessons ranging in everything from getting a new puppy to balancing a multiple pet household to aggression cases.
Amanda decided to open her own dog training business and use exclusively positive reinforcement and reward based techniques with all of her clients. As a result of her dedication to using toys, praise, affection and treats to reward correct behaviors; she has helped to strengthen the bond between over 200 dog-human families within the first three years of opening Smart Pups.
As a Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowlegde Assessed, Amanda has demonstrated her knowlegde of animal behavior, teaching skills, learning theory, canine development and body language as well as multiple behavior management techniques. In addition, she is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, through which she continues learning about dogs by attending conferences and networking with trainers across the country.

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